Dealing with Liszt’s genius and his critics

Jacques Drillon: Liszt transcripteur – Schubert et l’infini.
ISBN 978-2742-5463-6 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A book for music enthusiasts only, very focused, well researched and extremely well written about Liszt’s excellence in transforming orchestral or chamber music into pieces for the piano and Schubert’s many unfinished works. Grillon is not afraid of stepping on the toes of world-class musicians, music critics and musicologists where they deserve it. He is French, after all!

One of Franz Liszt’s masterworks is the piano cycle “Années de Pélerinage:

Pilgrimage to Switzerland and Italy

Franz Schubert wrote a magnificent quartet called “Death and the Maiden”:

Composing while death is knocking on the door