Austria on the road to disaster

Hans-Peter Siebenhaar: Österreich – Die zerrissene Republik ISBN 978-3-280-05646-2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Austria is one of my favourite holiday destinations and it is heartbreaking to read how unfit for future this country is. Corruption, xenophobia, absence of corporate governance, bureaucratic madness, disrespect for the natural ressources and the inability to redress the mistakes of the past seem to characterize the ruling class of politicians and businessmen. An interesting if sobering view on Austria. Many typos, several factual mistakes and a shallow conclusion diminished my reading pleasure.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a keen observer of what was wrong in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and his operas allude to quite a number of highly political issues such as the fact that noblemen like Don Giovanni could act outside the law:

Rape, murder, love and vengence in two acts