Jihad and the disenchanted youth

Fikry el Azzouzi: Wir da draussen ISBN 978-3-8321-9829-9 ⭐️ The plot is rather straightforward: A Moroccan immigrant living in Belgium and experiencing social exclusion turns to drugs, sex, violence, crime and finally jihadism. All would have been well if the author had explored the deeper emotions of the main character or gone to the roots of the young man’s disenchantment. Instead he delivers a honest description of a human condition as it has been described many times before – nothing new there. The story remains superficial, predictable and without much interest. The best one can say is that el Azzouzi’s vulgar language is appropriate to the brutality of the subject. It remains nevertheless a 100 percent disappointment.

Since this book did not inspire me at all, I cannot provide a link to any appropiate classical music. I have no such music.